Dorian  GARRICK, Prof., Jay Lush Endowed Chair in AB & G, Iowa State University (USA)
"Developments in genetic and genomic evaluation of Pan-American Hereford cattle"

Dorian Garrick, Iowa State University, has been integrally involved in the development and implementation of national animal evaluation programs, performance recording databases and breeding schemes. His recent work has focused on theoretical and applied aspects of using genomic information to predict performance
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Fiona CARRUTHERS, BSc Hons. -  Independent Nutrition Consultant (New Zealand)
"From womb to tomb - why beef is important whatever your age"

With a BSc (Hons), Fiona began her career as a dietitian, spent three years as marketing nutritionist for the British meat industry before moving to New Zealand in 2001. Fiona joined Beef + Lamb New Zealand as Nutrition Manager where she worked closely with health professionals, consumers, scientists and the Government, and chaired the International Meat Secretariat Human Nutrition and Health Committee.   Most recently, Fiona has spent two years supporting New Zealand’s sheep and beef farmers in a project management role. Currently she works as independent  "Nutrition Consultant".
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Donagh BERRY, PhD - Principal Investigator University College Cork (Ireland) 
"The use of DNA technologies in cattle breeding and production"

Donagh Berry is a principal investigator in quantitative genetics at the semi-state research center, Teagasc, Moorepark in Ireland and holds an adjunct professor appointment at University College Cork, Ireland as well as a visiting professorship in livestock computation genomics at SRUC, UK. Following his bachelor degree in Agricultural Science at University College Dublin in 2000, he undertook a PhD in dairy cattle genetics in collaboration with Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He later completed a part-time MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at University College Cork, Ireland. He is responsible for the research on genetics in dairy and beef cattle and is responsible for the development and implementation of genomic evaluations in dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep in Ireland. His main interests are in the derivation of breeding goals, genetic and genomic evaluations, decision support tools and breeding programs.
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Ing.Agr. Ignacio AGUILAR,  - INIA Uruguay - Agricultural Engineer
"Genetic evaluation in the genomic era"

He is senior researcher in animal breeding and genetics of the National Research Program in Milk Production at INIA Las Brujas Uruguay.  Agronomist received at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) 1995. He received his Masters and PhD degrees at the University of Georgia in the United States in 2008 and 2010. He is currently working on various research projects in animal breeding related with methods of genetic evaluation, programming in animal breeding, and Incorporation of genomic information into genetic evaluations.
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Ing. Agr. Elly NAVAJAS,  - INIA Uruguay - Agricultural Engineer
"Feed efficiency and carcass and meat quality of Uruguayan Hereford cattle"

Elly Navajas is a Principal Researcher in animal breeding and genetics at Biotechnology Unit of the National Agriculture Research Institute of Uruguay.  Her current activities are focused on phenomics and genomics of relevant difficult-to-measure traits in cattle and sheep, and their integration in the breeding programmes. Elly is leading research projects on genomics of feed efficiency and carcass and beef quality and implementation of genomic selection
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Acc. Silvana BONSIGNORE - Marketing Manager National Meet Institute (INAC) (Uruguay)  
"Uruguayan meats marketing, INAC's experience (Uruguayan National Meat Institute"

Economist, Certified Public Accountant, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Postgraduate studies in Marketing. Since 2001 Marketing Manager at INAC (National Meat Institute).Previously she was Chief of the Economic Studies Department at INAC. She has organized more than 250 promotional activities for Uruguayan meat in several countries in the world, including receptions, fairs and international congresses. She has received several international awards in advertising for logos and communications’ campaigns. She is co-author and responsible for innovative marketing projects such as the franchises “Uruguay Natural Club” and “Uruguay Natural: a stroll through the senses”. She has participated in several research papers and produced several publications and articles about the meat sector in various media. She is a docent in Postgraduate studies of Expertise in the Meat Industry, which is run by the University of the Republic (UDELAR) and INAC.
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Dr. Robert BANKS – Director Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU)  University of New England  -  Australia
Australian and international R&D for genetic improvement in the Hereford breed”. 

Robert Banks, Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit, Australia, has worked in genetic improvement R&D and implementation in a number of species in Australia, including developing reference populations to underpin genomic selection in beef cattle and sheep. A key current focus area is in helping industries cost-effectively exploit opportunities presented by genomic technologies.

PhD Michael D. MacNEIL
"Economic evaluation of Hereford cattle in the Americas"

For 23 years, Michael MacNeil was steward for the founding Line 1 Hereford population which approximately 80% of all Hereford cattle in the USA have in their pedigree. During that time, data from the herd were used as a model system for developing new EPD, and provided a base for the bovine genome sequence. He has crafted breeding objectives and economic indexes for many breed associations in the USA and internationally.
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Gustavo Zerbino
“Adversity Management”

Gustavo Zerbino, Director of Cibeles Pharmaceutical Company, leading laboratory in Animal, Plant and Human Health; former President of the Uruguayan Chamber of Pharmaceutical products and of the Uruguayan Rugby Union.  Today he is Vice President and Founder of the Rugby Without Borders' Foundation; survivor of the airplane crash in the Andes in 1972, he is also an international lecturer and motivator (Uruguay)  
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Ing.Agr. Bruno Lanfranco - Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria (INIA)
"Virtual trading systems,  a Hereford product - Economic impact of  virtual sales in Uruguay"

Bruno Lanfranco is an Agriculture Engineer and Economist working at the National Institute for Agriculture Research (INIA) since 1991. He received a M.Sc. degree (2000) and Ph.D (2001) in Agriculture and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia (UGA) where he received awards for Best Scientific Article (2000 and 2001) and Best Doctoral Student (2001). In 2000 he was awarded the “William Applebaum National Prize”, awarded for the best dissertation thesis on food distribution and markets, awarded by the Food Distribution Research Society (FDRS).

He is presently leading a small research team on Economics and Agricultural Production Systems. They are working on subjects such as price and market analysis, demand, international trade, competitiveness of the agriculture export chains, micro-economics and farm management, economics of natural resources and climate change effects.

The results are published in scientific journals aimed at the Academia as well as informative publications for professionals and field technicians, farmers and students. Lanfranco is repeatedly invited to lecture at conferences and international meetings all over the world.

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Dr.  MBA Walter Romay Elorza
"Virtual trading systems,  a Hereford product - Economic impact of  virtual sales in Uruguay"

Academic Qualifications - Doctoral degree in Law and Social Science (Universidad de la República), 1985.  MBA, Management and Business Administration (IEEM, Business School, Universidad de Montevideo) 1993.  AMP, Advanced Management Program (IEEM, Business School, Universidad de Montevideo), 2011.

Activities related to Hereford Breed - Rural producer of agriculture and livestock, 33 years’ experience.   Manager of La Elisa Hereford Farm, which is 129 years old. Past President of Society of Hereford Breeders of Uruguay (SCHU), past President of Hereford Meat from Uruguay. Has held all the positions at the SCHU Board, presently SCHU Board member.

Professional experience - Attorney at Law, has been practicing law for 31 years, specializing in the corporate field. Director of ROMAY ELORZA ABOGADOS

Business activities outside of the livestock sector - Manager of several media organizations, network TV and cable TV, on demand and lineal. In Montevideo as well as in the whole country.

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"Compartment: New alternative for biosafety"

Rural Association Representative at OIE.  

Doctoral degree in Veterinary Medicine.  Key-note speaker at over 120 national and international meetings. Author and co-author in more than 30 research publications.  Consultant at BID (International Development Bank) and at IICA.  ARU (Rural Association of Uruguay) delegate before CONAHSA (National Honorary Committee on Animal Health).  Member of the Board of ARU (2010).  Since 1990 Member of the OIE Committee, on behalf of the Uruguayan private sector.  Creator and responsible for the Ovine Compartment (first in the world acknowledged by OIE). Creator of the First Compartment for Bovine Brucellosis.  Manager of the Compartment for Genetics and Animals at PIE. Free-lance consultant for various companies and Rural producer since 1960

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Dr. Fernando Flores Cardoso

"Genomic selection and dimensions"

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (1995), has a master's degree in Animal Science from the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (1999), master's degree in Applied Statistics from Michigan State University (2002), Ph.D. in Animal Science from Michigan State University (2003) and postdoctoral in Bioinformatics with emphasis on Statistical Genomics at Michigan State University (2006). Currently a researcher and deputy manager for research, development and innovation at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Embrapa South Livestock Center (Bage/RS), and permanent faculty of the Graduate Program in Animal Science at Federal University of Pelotas. Research fellow of the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development. He has experience in Animal Science with an emphasis in Animal Breeding and Genetics, acting on the following topics: breeding objectives and selection criteria, methodology for genetic evaluation of beef cattle, crossbreeding systems, use of genomic information in animal breeding and genotype-environment interaction.

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María Nela González Rodríguez

María Nela González Rodríguez, Doctora en Medicina y Tecnología Veterinaria 1993. Facultad de Veterinaria. Universidad de la República, Montevideo Uruguay.
Fecha de nacimiento: 22/03/1963 Treinta y Tres, República Oriental del Uruguay
Capacitación en el Programa de Alta Formación de Cuadros Dirigentes de los Países del MERCOSUR. Duración: 200 horas aula y 18 semanas de formación a distancia en el año 2007 en Integración en el Sector Agroalimentario. Mayo a Octubre de 2007. Montevideo, Uruguay.
Actividad actual: Directora del Sistema Nacional de Información Ganadera desde el sector privado al MGAP. b) Elaboración Anteproyecto Convenio BIRF/MGAP para el Desarrollo de Sistema Nacional de Información Agropecuaria a ejecutarse en Junio de 2011. Enero 2010 a la fecha.
Otras tareas asignadas: Relevamiento de los Sistemas Informáticos y Tecnologías de la Información del Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca. Contraparte del MGAP ante AGESIC. Periodo Junio a Octubre 2009. Montevideo, URUGUAY.
Directora del Proyecto Salud Animal (PROSA- MGAP/BANCO MUNDIAL). 15 de enero de 2008 a 30 de abril de 2010. Montevideo, Uruguay.
Gerente del Componente 3.2 de Salud Animal y Protección de Alimentos del Programa de Apoyo a la Productividad y Desarrollo de Nuevos Productos Ganaderos del MGAP/BID en la reformulación del mismo y a partir de 22 de Marzo de 2007 a 14 de enero de 2008. Se adjuntan Términos de Referencias a Fs. 31.
Coordinadora del Programa Servicios Agropecuarios Sub Programa Salud Animal y Protección de Alimentos, MGAP/BID. Desde 2 de Enero de 2006 a 21 de marzo de 2007.  Se adjuntan Términos de Referencia a Fs. 30. Actividades desarrolladas a Fs. 32 y 33.

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Ing. Agr. PhD. Fabio Montossi

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