Pen Show Judge:
Sr. Luis Ignacio Bordaberry Fontana

Luis Ignacio Bordaberry is a renowned breeder, since he was 19 years old he is Manager of the Ranch “El Paraìso Livestock Society”, which is located in the center of the country in Durazno Department, and which shall be visited during one of the Congress post-tours.
As a rancher he has achieved outstanding performances, winning several Hereford and Polled Hereford Grand Champions in different shows. It is noteworthy that during the 100 years of the Durazno Show his ranch won the two Grand Champion Bulls.
He has served as Judge in most shows in Uruguay as well as in Argentina (Palermo Show, 2000) and also in Brazil.
He is Board Member of the Hereford Breeders Society of Uruguay since 1985, during this time he has been in charge of diverse areas.
He was a pioneer in cattle certification for on-line sales and at present he is Chief Certifier at Studio 3000 S.A., a well-known trailblazing company in cattle certification.
Because of his qualifications for livestock selection, he has been retained as consultant for several on-line trade companies in Uruguay and Argentina.
Luis is married to Ines Methol and is father to three children: Luis, Alejo and Inès.


Horned Show Judge:
Ing. Agr. Rodrigo Fernandez Abella e
Ing. Santiago Fernández Abella

Rodrigo and Santiago Fernández are the second generation in the “San Salvador Livestock Society”. This ranch, which is located in Soriano Department, has been breeding Polled Hereford since 1978, and since then all the family has been connected with the breed.
This ranch will be visited on Monday April 25th as part of one of the programmed Conference post- tours.
Rodrigo is the elder of the brothers; he graduated in the year 2000 with a degree in Agronomical Engineering. He is presently Livestock Manager at “Frigorifico Modelo” and he is also Manager of the San Salvador Livestock Society. He is 43 years old, married to Carla Santìn and father to Olivia, Franca and Felipe.
Santiago has a degree in Industrial Engineering and is Operations Manager at “Frigorifico Modelo”. He is 39 years old, married to Alejandra Benquet and father to Juan and Benjamin.


Polled Show Judge:
Dr. Santiago Bordaberry Herrán

Santiago Bordaberry graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Technology, a profession he has been practicing since 1987. He is a fourth generation rancher, a family that has been breeding Hereford in Uruguay for more than one century.
He is partner in a family owned ranch “El Baqueano” located in the center of the country, he is responsible for the health of the herd. He is also partner in a company that provides veterinary services across the country specializing in breeding bovines and ovines.
He takes part in the group “Workshop for Pregnancy Diagnosis INIA 33” for cattle breeding that operates within this Institution.
He was President of the Durazno Rural Society for two periods and Board Member for several years.
He has performed as expert Judge in shows in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. He is also consultant for ranches and commercial companies.
Santiago is 54 years old, married to Florencia Tesoriero and father to Santiago (21), Maria Emilia (19) and Sofia (17).