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World Hereford Council

The World Hereford Council exists to promote Hereford breed excellence and to encourage world wide trade of Hereford genetics.  It began in 1951 when a concern that some Herefords moving between countries were not directly traceable to the English Herd Book resulted in a meeting in Hereford, England on July 13º, 1951.

The three items on the agenda were the international pedigree Hereford registration and acceptance, the international veterinary conference and the formation of a permanent council of world Hereford breed societies and associations.  The meeting decided to form a permanent council to be known as the World Hereford Council.

The objective of the World Hereford Council was, and still is, the promotion of the interests of the Hereford breed throughout the world and to provide a medium for the settlement of any problems that may arise between member countries.

The headquarters of the council was to be situated at the Hereford Herd Book Society, Great Britain.

Today, the Headquarters for the WHC moves with the WHC Secretary General to the country of their residence.  There are twenty member countries.  Each country selects two representatives creating a body of 40 voting members.  It is from this group that the Secretary General position is filled.